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Care Web India is the best PPC Management Company with Google AdWords & Bing Ads Certified professionals. We have been serving several businesses for the past 5+ years. We have completed 200+ Projects.

PPC (Pay-Per-click) Services in India

Pay per click  is one of the best ways provided by search engines like Google, Bing for instant growth of business. You don’t need to wait long for the results.

Care Web India has a highly experienced, highly motivated and updated team to give you the best result  in your marketing Goal. 

PPC services are on trend today because of the fast and best results they give to the customers.

Today Most of the Businesses prefer to implement these services to get the best results. The demand is increasing and is expected to grow more in the coming future.

So if you too want to see your company reaching the sky, connect with us and the Pay Per Click services for your brand. 

What makes Care web India Unique?

“What makes us unique among thousands of other Online Marketing Agencies:”

  • Working on projects and assuming it’s our own business.
  • Giving 100% of effort with our skills..
  • 24×7 Clients support.
  • Google AdWords & Bing Certified Professionals.
  • Experience of all business industries.
  • 5+ years of experience in running PPC services for businesses in India.
  • Highly Updated and energetic team of youths.
  • Getting all the updates of Google’s Algorithm.

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Best PPC Ads Management Company in India

Search ADS

These are the text ads that are displayed on the search results of a Google results page. Display ads are usually image based and these are commonly shown on web pages within the Google Display Network. It is very helpful in getting the high conversion of business.

Display ADS

Display ads are paid , While surfing the web the display ads appear in front of the users. There are many benefits of these ads. It helps in Retargeting your engaged audience , It's Measurable and tractable in real time and it increases our reach a lot. Display ads are said to build brand trust for your brand.

Video ADS

Video ads are a great option for advertising. It helps with two things that catch user attention are movement and sound. Both of these things play a vital role in conveying an efficient message, hence as compared to other banner ads video ads are considered as the most powerful weapon for your marketing goal.

Mobile ADS

Today Mobile Ads are the easiest and most cost effective way to connect with our customers. We are here to deliver mobile advertising results on all devices and locations. Grab billions of eyeballs with our creative mobile ad campaigns. We know the latest technology and marketing trends.

Shopping ADS

Google Shopping ads allows Ecommerce businesses to quickly place their products at the top on google product searches result page. We can choose the various places for our ads to appear. It gives a great ROI in our business. We are the specialists of Google Shopping ads.

Remarketing ADS

Reconnect to customers who are interested in your products or services ! Our smart remarketing strategy will increase reach and show customers products of their interest. Reminding customers without annoying them is the best option to get high conversion in business.

Google Discovery Ads

We all might have seen some personalised ads on google and youtube. If we search for some products and services in google and leave the page. After a couple of seconds we get to see the same product / service ads  or some related ads somewhere in YouTube in the form of carousel sliders. These are Google discovery ads. It helps a lot in remarketing and getting conversion in the business.

PPC Advertising Company in India

Looking for the best PPC Services company in India. We are offering all PPC advertising Campaign services in India at affordable price.

Care Web India – Is the best PPC Management Company with Google AdWords & Bing Ads Certified professionals. We have been serving several businesses for the past 5+ years. We have completed 200+ Projects.

When it comes to seeing the ROI (Return On Investment)  Care Web India is Google AdWords & Bing certified PPC Company  in  India. We make your targets come true within your budget. The level of optimization and the quality of work is highly appreciated by our clients. 

“If you are interested in our ppc services please contact us. For free consulting you can call us +91- 9472990241.

Best SEO Agency Gurugram
Best SEO Agency Gurugram
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Best ROI Lead Generation Company/Agency in India

Online Advertising is a great and the most effective way to expand your business and get the best ROI.

As the best Pay-per-click company in India, External Experts intends to offer affordable services for clients, including small brands. In fact, we are one of the top digital marketing agencies that offer PPC for small businesses and startups.

Care Web India is the best lead generation company in India. We generate quality leads for your business. We take steps according to your business type. We have only one goal to give you high conversion in your business.

PPC Company


Benefits of Advertising In Google PPC.

  • Gives the Best ROI. 
  • Gives Instant Results.
  • It Saves a lot of time and Money.
  • Gives 40% of conversion as compared to social media ads.
  • You can get the full report of your campaign.
  • Increases Visibility in the Search Engine.
  • Gives Incredible Targeting Option.

How YouTube advertising helps to grow our business.

You Might have seen some ads while watching YouTube videos. It’s a great platform to advertise, today YouTube has become the second largest Search Engine in the World after Google. If we talk about the business, from a small business to a big brand everyone is advertising on YouTube. 

In India after the arrival of 4g a huge traffic increased on YouTube. Before the 4g time people used to have only 2gb data in a whole month, and also the speed was not enough to browse YouTube anywhere easily.  

Today India has the Highest number of youtubers and the Indian channel T-series has become the Largest YouTube Channel with 170 Million Subscribers across the world. 

People love to watch every type of videos on YouTube including songs, movies, educational, and many more. Advertising on YouTube is a great way to promote your brand instantly. you can easily target your customers with their interest, behavior and the complete demographics. Even you can target your customer with a particular channel or a video.

Just because YouTube is a video search engine, it does not mean that YouTube only provides video ads. There are many types of display ads you can place anywhere in YouTube. Just like Facebook and Instagram YouTube also has a video news feed where people give a lot of time scrolling up and down. you can place your ads there in the form of graphical banners. It catches the eye of people very fast because while reading the thumbnails people can’t stop their eye to give a look on your ad banner. 

There are many objectives which can be chosen in your ad campaign with a proper call to action button. You can get traffic , subscribers if you are a youtuber, you can get calls and many more things from YouTube ads.

Almost any type of business can do PPC work for them. There are many types of PPC ads from Search Engine and Social Media Platforms. The products or services having a high customer lifetime value, Average order value and high margins can perform well in their business with PPC.

Search Engine Advertising gives businesses a great opportunity to appear in the sponsored listings of a search results page .  It allows your business to appear at the top of the searchers result page. It offers two best benefits that you will only be charged when someone will click you or give you the lead. And it is easily measurable. 

You may see the increase in your traffic very fairly and quickly. But seeing an impact in terms of your sales and revenue , It takes time in researching for proper keywords and targeting . It will take approximately 2-3 months to see the best results from a PPC campaign.

There are many kinds of PPC ads like Search Ads, Display Ads, Remarketing, Shopping and Mobile ads. You can see these ads on various mobile apps, websites, Search results of a search engine and social media.